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Justice for Chuy! Marching to Prayer and Candlelight

December 18, 2013

chuyThursday, December 19th @ 7pm @ CCB Plaza, 201 N. Corcoran St. in Durham

December 19th is approaching, and it will be 1 month since Chuy’s death.

Chuy’s family really appreciated all the support that we showed as a community on the last march. They felt strong and energized by seeing that the Durham community and the Triangle cares about this struggle and cares about justice.
We haven’t lost any energy or momentum and we will continue to demand justice and answers.

Please join us again and bring more friends for a vigil in remembrance of Chuy’s Life.

The purpose of this demonstration will be to light a candle in remembrance of Chuy and to lay flowers at the place where he passed away. This demonstration will be filled with a spirit of peace; this way we can be sure that the family is able to light this candle and say their prayers in honor of our beloved Chuy without being interrupted by the police.

This will be done to show respect for Chuy and his family. NOT to show respect for the police or anyone who wishes to quiet our demands, our anger, and our grief. The police are responsible for what happened to Chuy and we will not bend to their intimidation. With this we show our unity behind the struggle!

This will not be the last of our marches!

Please bring a candle and let us show that Chuy’s light will never be extinguished!

Please bring flowers and let us show that you can crush a flower but you can’t stop the spring!

Jesús “Chuy” Huerta: PRESENTE!

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